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Why Was I Given A Voice

It’s 4:59 and fifty-seven, fifty-eight, fifty-nine and it’s time to go. When the clock strikes five it’s time to put my silence into overdrive. Of course, I’m not exactly an orator or wordsmith around the [...]

The Rage Within Me

My name is Paige. Some would call me a wise, young sage, and never have I been confused with someone who displays a plethora of rage. (wink wink) Well there was that one occasion a [...]

This is my Day

  On the second Sunday in May the forecast is always the same… a 100 percent chance of showers. No, I’m not talking about a cadre of clouds spilling over the Sierras and dumping its [...]

No Way, No Pay

  My mom thinks I need to be more responsible, she told me so in the Christmas card she gave me. So instead of the nice, crisp $100 bill that I usually get inside the [...]

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