Man on top of the world

I’m in the mood for some meat, something between rare and medium rare. Over the past few months I have received nothing but chewy, well done gristle. A cornucopia of recycled meats has been paraded in front of me and I just turn away in disgust. Seriously, is it too much to ask for something that doesn’t look like a sun-scorched prune? Wait a second! Hold the cell phone!!! This slump may be coming to an end. The choicest cut of beef currently out on the market is texting me. Miss Summer McCall… I am ready to pour barbecue sauce all over your succulent body and enjoy every bite of this tender meat.

Fuck yeah!!! Miss Summer of Love and other things wants to go out this weekend. I can taste you now. Clear everything off your calendar, Ryan, because this weekend is going to be filled with… well, I would rather not get too explicit with what I’m going to do with the Summer of Good Loving. Oh shit!!! What’s this? Looks like another text is rolling in; God damn it!!! I sure hope it’s not my old man begging me to work this weekend. I don’t care if he is the vice president I am not going to bail his ass out, once again, while being the obedient son. Good!!! It’s some assclown soliciting something. Oh, what’s this? They’re filming a movie here in Reno and are looking for extras this weekend. Hmmm, a movie sounds awfully tempting, but this weekend is already reserved for the Summer of Sex. However, maybe I can hook up with a bounty of beauties if I appear in this movie. Maybe they’ll discover my animal magnetism and cast me in the leading role. Who knows? They might write in a love scene with a goddess sent down from the heavens, but do I really want to give up my sure thing with Summer. What to do, oh, what to do?


Will Ryan decide to be an extra in the movie, Murder Reno?




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