Rob, Katy, Ryan, Tyler, Christina and Alex have decided to audition for a part in the movie, Murder Reno, but one of them will suddenly change their mind on their way over. Before you decide which character that may be, please read a quick follow up on the six characters as they ponder their fate.




After relishing my victory in the spiritual world, I rolled out of bed to see what time it was. Holy Shit!!! It’s fucking noon, way too early to be getting up on a Saturday. After dropping my cell phone in sheer disgust, I noticed someone had left a text for me. I was tempted to delete the motherfucking intrusion on my life when I saw the word “movie.” Fuck this!!! Someone wants me to take part in a movie, today. I’m going back to bed. However, maybe while I was sleeping someone probed my brain and extracted my delicious dream and turned it into a movie. Jesus Christ, Rob. I know you went batshit crazy last night with more drugs than a Pollos Hermanos truck driving out of Albuquerque but that is just plain stupid, however, a movie. Nah, I’m going back to bed. Oh, wait…




Hey, hold on a second. This is a frivolous and pointless horror movie they’re doing. Oh, the hell with that. The good looking girl always gets the ax to the face or a chainsaw through their heart. And with my good looks, I’m sure I will get bludgeoned into a thousand bite-size pieces to be fed to Jeffrey Dahmer. It’s not going to happen. However, everyone needs to get a start somewhere and I know some very famous people got their start in horror movies but this is me. I am WAY more attractive and alluring and charismatic than anyone Hollywood has trotted out of the stable. This could ruin my reputation, but how can I deny the world this beautiful face.



Oh, what’s this? They’re filming a movie here in Reno and are looking for extras this weekend. Hmmm, a movie sounds awfully tempting, but this weekend is already reserved for the Summer of Sex. However, maybe I can hook up with a bounty of beauties if I appear in this movie. Maybe they’ll discover my animal magnetism and cast me in the leading role. Who knows? They might write in a love scene with a goddess sent down from the heavens, but do I really want to give up my sure thing with Summer. What to do, oh, what to do?



While I am about to send this text into the black hole of internal damnation, my left eye becomes fixated on one word, and it causes my forehead to snap forward and shout, “A movie!!! They’re filming a movie in Reno!!!” At this point I have no choice but to read the entire text. Within a fraction of a second I discover that a group of independent filmmakers are combing the area for extras in their new movie. Hmm! Do they realize I am the most introverted person in the Pacific time zone? I am the telegenic equivalent of a moldy loaf of bread. If I’m lucky I can utter a few words before my battery wears down. Why would they want me? I would be wasting my time if I go, but it might offer me the opportunity to meet someone. Ha!!! Who am I kidding?




However, if I go down to this audition that creep might see me and get attached to me, like gum to the bottom of my shoe. I can hear him now, “Oooh baby, I knew you would come. Why don’t we practice our lines over dinner tonight?” Not to sound all valley girl, but “gag me with a spoon.” Pour acid down my face and let my skin peel off. Here at the bar, I can kinda control the situation. I might not be able to down there, but who’s to say he’s even going to be there.

What should I do?



I was about to send this text into the trash when I saw the words “movie” and “Reno,” and I stopped dead in my tracks. Apparently, some filmmakers, who I have never heard of, are shooting a movie here in Reno and they are looking for extras. Hmm, sounds interesting. I wonder if they’re paying the extras. Oh wait!!!! Fuck this!!!! It’s a movie where the extras get killed. I’ll have nightmares for four score and seven years. The barista hands over my new Caramel Macchiato and it’s only a degree cooler than the original but I am no longer in the mood to fight this. I’ll just drink this in an hour.

While I’m blowing Hurricane Katrina on my drink to cool it down, I notice at the end of the text the filmmakers are willing to pay $500 for extras in this movie. Well that changes everything, or does it. Hmm, I have to think about this. On one hand I need the $500 to help with my rent and get my old battleaxe landlord off my back. On the other hand, if I take part in this movie and get killed what’s to say I don’t get killed in real life. I know, I know… it’s a movie but I am also the most paranoid person in the world.

What should I do?

Remember, only one of these characters will change their mind on the drive over. Read the synopsis of each character a second time and decide who that may be. Next week we will reveal who has second thoughts and we will review the reason for their change of heart. Also for having six characters to choose from I will reward you with five points if you make an accurate prediction. Good luck.