Man sitting alone on a pier

It’s 4:59 and fifty-seven, fifty-eight, fifty-nine and it’s time to go. When the clock strikes five it’s time to put my silence into overdrive. Of course, I’m not exactly an orator or wordsmith around the office. If I was paid a dollar for every word that stumbled out of my mouth I would be making the equivalent of a twelve-year-old girl working in a Tunisian sweatshop. I say hello and I say goodbye, and there is a whole lot of emptiness in between. Now, it’s time to turn off the switch and go silent. It’s not what I want but this is who I am, and I don’t know how to change. I have no friends, no family in the area and, of course, no significant other. God I hate my life.

After another quiet ride home I enter my apartment at twenty minutes after five and plop myself on the couch. I look around my barren apartment, the cracks in the ceiling, the drippy faucet in the bathroom, the stains on the carpet and a lonely fly buzzing around a lamp. Holy Jesus! Is this what my life has become? Staring at a fly and wondering what he is going to do. I would use the word “pathetic” to describe myself but that is not nearly strong enough. I’ve got time, like five hours before I go to bed so I might as well look in my thesaurus for a better word. I pick up my phone and see the most unusual thing I have seen in quite some time. This is more uncommon than Halley’s Comet. I have a “red number one” on my message icon. Seriously, someone sent me a text? It must be a mistake.

Oh, what a surprise this looks like a scam. The first words which penetrates my line of vision are, “Dear Fine Citizen of Reno.” What! No link to click? I’m not a fool. I may be friendless and my life has no meaning but I’m not stupid. I’m not falling for this bullshit. While I am about to send this text into the black hole of internal damnation, my left eye becomes fixated on one word, and it causes my forehead to snap forward and shout, “A movie!!! They’re filming a movie in Reno!!!” At this point I have no choice but to read the entire text. Within a fraction of a second I discover that a group of independent filmmakers are combing the area for extras in their new movie. Hmm! Do they realize I am the most introverted person in the Pacific time zone? I am the telegenic equivalent of a moldy loaf of bread. If I’m lucky I can utter a few words before my battery wears down. Why would they want me? I would be wasting my time if I go, but it might offer me the opportunity to meet someone. Ha!!! Who am I kidding?


Will Alex decide to be an extra in the movie, Murder Reno?




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