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Throughout his adult life, he has wanted a girlfriend. Unfortunately, Adam has never had any luck with girls. When he meets someone, he is so happy that he smothers her in love and kindness. This behavior scares them away, and he can’t understand why. 
Adam becomes very depressed when he observes couples out in public, almost to the point of suicide…
or worse.

He had one dream growing up — solitude. He wanted to isolate himself from the outside world. His parents wanted him to socialize more, but he refused. When he became an adult, Alex decided it was best to move from Chicago to Nevada to fulfill his dream of isolation. Now, after several years of seclusion, Alex realizes that solitude is not what it’s cracked up to be, and he wants to meet someone.
Unfortunately, he does not know how.

He was a promising two-sport athlete in high school. He was a very good baseball player and an outstanding football player.
Armando had two offers on the table when he graduated high school: sign a contract to play pro baseball or accept a scholarship to play football. Armando decided to play baseball; and now, seven years later, he regrets that decision.

Time is running out for Armando and his sports career.

He has a terminal case of obsessive compulsive disorder. Caleb worries about everything and suffers from panic attacks. Caleb just started a new job and fears his mistakes will cost him his job. His wife, Colleen, has a difficult time coping with his behavior and wonders how much longer she can take it.

Sometimes, even the simplest things prove to be too much due to his OCD.

She is full of resentment and anger that she is working at a crummy bar and grill. In high school, she was looking forward to college until some unfortunate events denied her the opportunity. All of her friends from high school are now very successful and she has made nothing out of her life. She talks about going back to school or getting a new job, but she is full of self-doubt and is afraid she will fail miserably.

She was an extraordinary young girl who excelled at everything she did. She never got anything lower than an “A” in school and was the class valedictorian. After high school, she went to college and was on her way to a successful career until she met her husband, Richard.
She fell in love with him, married and had a child. After a tumultuous marriage and ugly separation, Gina was forced to move to Reno and live with her sister. Now, she hates all men as she equates them to her ex-husband.

He feels that he is a failure in life. He has never experienced any success and the stigma of his constant failures has dogged him his entire life. Jake doesn’t have any confidence and is afraid to try anything new. What makes matters worse is that he is yelled at and insulted by his immediate manager, Ryan.
Every day, Jake fears that his job is in jeopardy.

She is a very beautiful blue-eyed blonde with one major character flaw—she has an anger problem. This has caused numerous problems in her life, as everyone can’t stand to be around her. What makes matters worse is her father spoils her rotten.

She strongly desires a man who will spoil and take good care of her, like her father. Typically, her insidious behavior results in great embarrassment and humiliation for her, usually in slapstick form.

She suffers from social anxiety disorder. Paige had a traumatic childhood where she went from a social butterfly to a recluse. Now, she is a bubbling cauldron of fury, as she wants everyone to be as miserable as she is.

He is a bully that finds great amusement pushing people around. He has no sympathy toward anyone and laughs at others misfortune. This behavior stems from a childhood where he was bullied by his father and older brother.
He was taught that fighting will solve everything, and he has taken that persona into his adult life.

He is the accounts payable supervisor at a software company in Reno. A recent college graduate, Ryan acquired his position from his father who is vice president of the company. He has no clue how to run the department and constantly yells and disrespects his employees. Despite his obvious shortcomings, Ryan feels that he is not only capable of handling the role as Accounts Payable supervisor, but he is ready to take over his father’s job. Aside from his hot temper and disrespectful attitude, Ryan is also very chauvinistic toward women.

Since he was a child, he has been afraid of everything. He fears everyone is out to get him, and he does not trust anyone. He has been meeting with a therapist to help him get over his fears but nothing has worked. Every day, Tyler fears death and is about to reach his breaking point. He is paranoid personified.