What is Murder Nevada?

Well, that’s a little complicated. It’s probably easier to say what it’s not. This isn’t a documentary on some out-of-the-way place called “Murder, Nevada.” As far as I know, that place doesn’t exist. There are murders that take place inside the boundaries of Nevada, but this is not your typical murder mystery out of the realm of Stephen King or Agatha Christie. No, Murder Nevada is a series of stories detailing what happens when extraordinary things happen to normal, maladjusted people. The twelve characters are certainly fraught with a myriad of problems (anger, regret, social anxiety to name a few) but nothing that’s considered dangerous, until… their world crumbles apart like a Ritz Cracker. Murder Nevada in a way mirrors a certain segment of society where circumstances beyond their control push our characters to the point of physical violence.

Now it’s foolhardy to state that we are going to commit murder when we don’t get our desired outcome. However, it’s nearly impossible to keep your anger under control every second of every day. Once in a while, a driver is going to cut you off in traffic, or someone will ram you with their shopping cart while you are strolling down the beer aisle. These things happen and sometimes we just lose it. We might do something as subtle as giving them a dirty look or saying a few “choice words” under our breath, or if we’re in our car we might flip them off, but that’s, usually, the extent of it. However in Murder Nevada, our twelve characters don’t stop at just extending their middle fingers. No, Murder Nevada is a series of stories detailing what happens when extraordinary things happen to people with personality defects.

Of course, anger is just one component that might compel a person to murder and in Murder Nevada there are several personality defects that lead our characters into a dark and detestable place. There are murders where greed, paranoia, lust and jealousy are the root cause, and in some cases, they are the ones to get murdered. Yes, in Murder Nevada it’s not a guarantee that one of the characters is going to be the killer. It’s entirely possible they could be the victim, and that’s what makes this so unique. You have no idea what’s going to happen. Now if something happens in Murder Nevada that you didn’t expect, don’t take it out on us. Keep your emotions under control and play again. There are over 300 possibilities so you will most likely get a different outcome every time you play. We don’t want to have to include you in our next set of stories now do we.